Jinx Arcane league of legends 3D

Jinx Arcane from League of Legends high quality

-unreal section
*adapted to unreal engine skeleton ready to use ,this package include unreal scene contained this model and he work perfectly with third person template with standard unreal animation bp ,physics and skeleton.
*facial blend shape work perfect in unreal engine (Tongue ,lips ,brow ,blink , nose Flank,cheek , mouth ...) more than 125 morph controller
*dynamic hair with physics simulation
*all jinx weapon rigged
*you can control every think with material (multi material setting)

-maya 2022+ section
*rigged with body controller ready to manually animate
*blend shape work perfectly
*Hight quality standard material for rendering (you cans use any render engine )

-FBX file with texture for jinx + 4 weapon all rigged except pistol
-FBX for unity