Male Rigged G1
notice : this package contain all texture and map you need for render as ao,metalic,micron,micronmask,position,wsnormal,rougness,sssmap,transmap and more

as external resource to set them up for any render .

**** any model in G1 Group can share the same cloth they have the same body shape and skin.

if you don't know how to put Cloth on character you can search on YouTube for copyskin for any software *******

the model have more than 6 material, eyes nail arm body ..

-advance skeleton rig. good for animator to practice .

-the model work with live link
-all material used on characters are modular you can change color of eye ,skin ...
-material : you can change setting like Base Color, Ao, Blend, Diplacement, Glow, metalic, UV, Normal, opacity ,ORM , Roughness , Specular
- High quality model, correctly scaled for an accurate representation of the original object.
- Models resolutions are optimized for polygon efficiency.
- Model is fully textured with all materials applied
-all image with white BG are rendered with unreal engine
- No special plugin needed to open scene
-clean skin ,uv, and ready to anim
- Units: cm

-unreal section

*adapted to unreal engine skeleton ready to use ,this package include unreal file contained this models and work perfectly with third person template with standard unreal animation bp and skeleton.

*facial blend shape work perfect in unreal engine (Tongue ,lips ,brow ,blink , nose Flank,cheek , mouth ...) more than 125 morph controller

*you can control every think with material (multi material setting)

-maya 2022+ section

*rigged with body and face controller ready to manually animate

*blend shape work perfectly

*Hight quality standard material for rendering (you cans use any render engine )

-include FBX for unity



Hope you like it!

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